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Home Products Air to Air Pumps

Air To Air Heat Pumps

Air to air heat pumps are small air conditioning units that can do heating as well as cooling. The heat pumps pick up useful heat energy ifrom the out side air and increases its tempreture. This air is then transfered into the property via an indoor unit. The cop rating on an air to air heat pump can be as high as 5, this means for every kw of electric used to opperate the heat pump you get up to 5kw of heat energy back. The  heat pump can be cheaper to run than a natural gas boiler in ideal conditons however when compard to a lpg boiler or an oil boiler the saving can be very signifcant. Air to air heat pumps can also operate as an air coolers during warmer summer months.

air to air heat pumps are ideal for conservatories keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter.

air to air heat pumps are excellent for residential park holmes, offices ect

Air to Air features and benefits:

tick :: Energy efficient – efficiency of up to 500% with a CoP of up to 5
tick :: Compact design requiring only an outside wall
tick :: Suitable for a wide variety of property types, including apartments and conservatories
tick :: Quiet operation
tick :: Easy to install and maintain by a qualified refrigeration engineer
tick :: Can be used to provide cool air in the summer
tick :: Active Ion-technology air purification technology, ideal for allergy sufferers
tick :: Inverter technology – modulates with high demand, making it more effective
tick :: Low maintenance
tick :: Comprehensive 2 year warranty


We can aupply and fit a 4k inverter air to air heat pumps from £900

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