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Power Flush

Does your heating system need power flushing?

Sludge build up in central heating systems is usually due to poor design and or poor maintenance.

If this is not rectified it can damage a heating system beyond repair.

Does your heating system suffer from the following? if so it may require power flushing:

  • Noisy system
  • Boiler Kettling
  • Cold spots on radiator
  • Noisy pump
  • Constantly having to bleed radiators (this is normally caused by gases building up through corrosion)

We at Ultra Gas specialise in power flushing and are asked to attend many problem systems.  We firstly identify what has caused the sludge to build up; it is normally down to badly situated cold feed and vent pipes.  If this is the cause, we rectify this by cutting and rearranging the pipes.  We also check for any blocked pipe and cut these out and replace them before commencing with the power flush.

We use a purpose made power flushing machine, together with a quality sludge remover such as sentinel or fernox.  On completion we add an inhibitor to prevent the system from building up sludge in the future.


Power Flushing Prices

Upto 5 radiators £250 (add £10 per additional radiator)

Magna clean filter fitted at the same time £120

Thermostatic radiator fitted at the same time £20 each

New pump fitted at the same time from £80


Please note: power Flushing can take between 4 - 8 hours

Grants for over 60's

If you are over 60 and don't recieve any means tested benefits then you may be eligible for a Warm Front grant of £300 towards the cost of power Flushing.

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