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Solar Hot Water

It may be assumed that we do not get enough solar radiation in the UK to make solar to between 50-70% of your domestic hot water needs in the UK, the shortfall is made up by auxiliary heating system i.e. your central heating boiler or immersion heater. There are two main types of domestic hot water systems that can be used with solar collectors/panels.

The first is by using a special hot water cylinder in conjunction with solar collectors/panels installed on your roof space. In this type of system a larger than normal twin coil hot water cylinder is used to store as much hot water as possible. This is an ideal solution for larger properties with more than 3 bedrooms.


Solar System Diagram

The second is in conjunction with an approved condensing combination boiler and a smaller hot water cylinder and a solar panel. This system can only be used in properties with 1 main bathroom and not more than 3 bedrooms. In this type of system the boiler only fires up to raise the temperature of the water if the water is less than xxx degrees. In our opinion the combination boiler solar hot water system is the way forward. This is the ideal solution if your existing central heating boiler is out dated and in efficient as a replacement combo-boiler is included as part of the system, a viable proposition. However this is not the case and solar can contribute.



There are two main types of solar collector the first is the flat panel solar collector and the second is the evacuated tube collectors. There are benefits and draw backs to both types as you will see.



The benefits of the flat panel solar collectors are that they are very robust and should be considered in areas where vandalism is a possibility. The other benefit is that they con be built into the roof structure just like a Velux roof window this type of installation looks more aesthetically pleasing than other type of installation.

Flat panel collectors are slightly less efficient than evacuated tubes. However evacuated tubes do lose efficiency over time, where as the flat panel collector's efficiency stays the same. Flat panel collectors also have a long life span and are virtually maintenance free. EVACUATED TUBES

Evacuated tubes come in two main types, the first is the U tube or fully flooded tube, and the second is the heat pipe tube.

All types of evacuated tubes are more efficient than flat panel collectors, however they are more likely to require maintenance during their life span ands are prone to breaking and vandalism. Our choice for the evacuated tubes would be the heat pipe tubes which are very efficient and are less likely to cause over heating.

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